Our team possess a broad range of skills, experience and specialisms covering all areas of web3.
Multi-chain deployment


As experts in blockchain technology, we design and develop bespoke web3 solutions, smart contracts, dApps, wallets and dev tooling.
Multi-chain deployment


We specialise in the creation and utilisation of NFTs. We build NFT ecosystems, marketplaces, white-label NFT management platforms, and much, much more.
Multi-chain deployment


We create DPPs to track all aspects of a product's lifecycle, including materials provenance, manufacturing, repair, warranty and ownership information.
Multi-chain deployment

Digital Identity

From DIDs and SSIs to digital credentials, we develop digital identity solutions that keep personal data secure, mitigate fraud, and allow for better control of a user’s identity.
Multi-chain deployment


Borrowing, lending, staking, yield farming and more. We build DeFi and ReFi solutions that enable the creation of transparent, rewarding and regenerative economies.
Multi-chain deployment


Our experts can help create a DAO tailored to your specific use case. We cover the implementation of smart contracts and tokens, governance models, and voting mechanisms.
Multi-chain deployment


Covering play-to-earn models (P2E), economic engines, tokenisation and other elements related to GameFi; we build solutions that utilise GameFi strategies to enhance the player experience.
Multi-chain deployment


Our team work with clients in this space to help them understand how NFTs can be utilised in the metaverse, for access, as wearables, as virtual real estate, collectibles or tradeable assets.
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About Protokol

Protokol Builds Custom Web3 Solutions, Products and dApps

As a specialist web3 partner we are experts in Blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs and more – sitting at the forefront of our industry. Our global team collaborates with start-ups, enterprises and brands to help them understand and unlock their web3 opportunity through our range of development and consulting services.

Our reputation is built on years of building bespoke, future-proofed web3 solutions to our clients’ requirements and effectively delivering them to market. This is why we’re trusted by our customers, partners and institutions such as the European Commission.

About Protokol


Protokol build and integrate web3 solutions for our clients.

Web3 Development

We offer a range of web3 and blockchain development services, covering the full spectrum of web3 development. Trust us to build, test, deploy and support your web3 solution, product or dApp.

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Web3 Consulting

Our web3 consulting services guide you through your web3 journey, from initial idea to launch. We cater for both web2 organisations looking to transition, and web3 natives seeking to build and enhance their web3 strategies — advising you on best practice and offering solution recommendations along the way.

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Team Extension

Increase the size and capability of your web3 development team rapidly, with Protokol’s Team Extension service. We become an extension of your in-house team, adding web3 development resource, knowledge and the skills to help you deliver against your objectives.

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